27 February 2021
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Bubble chair - is not what it seems. From lightly inflated visual forms you can expect airy lightness: but the frame itself is cast by hand from a very robust aluminium. In front of us we have an interesting example of a conflict between form and content, which completely changes features and perception of the object itself. Choice of using aluminium was determined by its plasticity: in designers opinion, this is the most « alive » material out there.

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Use of natural materials and manual labour is done out of respect to traditional approach, where the master shares warmth of his hands and part of his inner-self. BUBBLE for its creators is almost a living creature, a metal monster with a gentle soul. When you sit in it, you can almost sense its friendliness, support and security.

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It is an interior oxymoron, a toy for people who appreciate a paradox. Soft on the outside, hard on the touch, strange in its form, with unusual texture. It also posseses an appropriate temper: in the shadow BUBBLE projects a cosmic chill, in the sun it becomes a real « hot thing » (what else can you expect from aluminium). This chair can be an art piece in the hallway of a collector, or it can attract visitors attention in the lobby of a public space. But what can be said about BUBBLE for sure - is that nobody can call it boring.

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